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Date Made offers you the chance to find someone new in your local area. Mirroring our Made TV channels, Date Made is available in Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool and Tyne & Wear. But don't worry if you'd like to branch out further afield. You can expand your search beyond these areas in your settings.

WELCOME TO date made in Birmingham
We you decide the time's right to start looking for love or just want to expand your social circle, the answer can sometimes be closer than you think! Date Made in Birmingham is all about local dating, for local people.

We love Birmingham and the people of Birmingham and we want to help you find that special someone who you don't have to drive hundreds of miles to see. However don't let that stop you. Love can be found far and wide so expand your search as big as you'd like.
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Safety date made tips
Dating should be most definitely fun. Nerve-racking, exciting, unexpected but ultimately fun and safe. Here at Date Made we want you to have the best experience possible. Granted you might not find the love of your life on your first date but you might end up meeting a new friend or at the very least have a good story to share with your mates.
Here's a few hints and tips to help make sure you have a safe, enjoyable dating experience.
You might not have told anyone you're dating online, but make sure you let someone know when you're going on a date and where, who and when you're meeting.
Meeting in a public place
It might sound obvious, but going to someone's house the first time you meet is not a good idea. Pick somewhere public- a bar or restaurant, where plenty of other people will be.
Use your own transport
It might sound chivalrous when someone offers to pick you up at the door but make your own way to your date, whether it's taking a taxi, getting a friend to drop you off, public transport or your own car.
Don't share too much information
Be cautious how much personal information you share. It's good to get to know your date but just be wary how much detail you actually share with someone you've just met. Take things slowly and share more information when you feel comfortable doing so. Once you've given away information, it's impossible to get back.
Bring extra Money
Wherever you end up going on your date, make sure you have enough money to pay your share and a bit extra in case you end up spending more than you thought and can get that taxi home. Don't be dependent on the person you're meeting to lend you money.
Don't tell huge whoppers
It's one thing adding on or taking off an extra inch here and there, it's another to use a different photo and be a totally different person to who you've presented online. Your date may respond hostilely and the date could become awkward very quickly.
And finally, never
Leave your drink or personal items unattended

Go to a place where you can't contact anyone

Worry or feel embarrassed about your behaviour if you want to end a date.

Your safety comes first. It is far more important than the other person's opinion of you.
Why not try something different
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